sabato 20 febbraio 2010


There is a churc with a library and
there are some shopping centres and square.
There is a amusement arcade and a sport field...


sabato 6 febbraio 2010


I live in a town called Marconia.
It has got approximaterly 15.000 and
is situated 74 metres above the Jonio sea
in Basilicata region.
I like living in my town because there
are many facilities.
I like people very much.
In my town you can see Elettra's square,
San Giovanni Bosco churc and the Jonio see.
In my town I like playing volleiba,going out whit my friends,
going to school and riding a bike.

sabato 9 gennaio 2010


An ordinary day ...ah...well.I don't up early...I have breakfast in bed and I listen to music.
I get up, I guess, at about 7 o'clock...
I usually write one-mail to my friends.
At 12:30 pm, I always have lunch by the pool, the swimming pool.
Then I play my guitar for about on hour.
I get some sportwears at about 2:00 pm, then go saling.
Sometimes I go to the cinema with my friends but at 10:30 pm, I usually start my race.
I like ciclyng. I go to bed at about...2:00 pm.

sabato 5 dicembre 2009

A=apple-I like apples
B=bass guitar-Key sound bass guitar
C=chat=Manuel chat
D=dangerous-My dog isn't dangarous
E=enemy-Manuel is my enemy
F=fed up-I am fed up
G=generous-Pina is very generous
H=healty-I am healty
I=ice skating-My favourite hobbies is ice skating
J=Journalist-My dad is a journalist
K=kind-Manuel is very kind
L=landslide-Pisticci is a one landslide
M=motorbike-My motorbike is greit
N=nuts-Nuts is very well
O=official-My book is official
P=pig-Gabriele is one pig
Quiet-Domenico is quiet
R=reasonable-My dad is very reasonable
S=selfish-Manuel is selfish
T=tasty-Sandwich is tasty
U=unfair-My teacher is unfair
V=vast-Italy is vast
W=wimp-Paolo is wimp
X=x-mas-X-mas is my favourite family day
Y=youth action programme-Sarabanda is one youth action programme
Z=zebra crossing-Zebra crossing is very important

sabato 21 novembre 2009


In this letter I will introduce my self to you.I am a fourteen years old.I a boy.
My surnamee is Garofalo and my first name is Luca.
I have two brothers and one sister.
I live with my parents in a home.I like bike and chatting with friends.
I don't likw├Če golf and tennis.
I love music.I am fond of bike.I think I am calm,spontaneous,intelligent and quiet.
I was bornitaly.My eyes is brown.My hais is black.
it is long.I am medium size.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Bye for now...